Culture and catering

We will provide the right kind and selection of meals and refreshments for your corporate event.
Coffee and breaks with soft drinks, fruit juices, tea and water, pastries and fruit. Hot meals can also be served during coffee breaks.
If your event required a combination of accommodation and catering, we can arrange a wide range of meal and refreshment options:
- Half board.
- Permanent buffet. 
- Fixed menu lunch.
- Large buffet of cold and hot dishes.
- Coffee break.
- Large reception.
- Banquet.
Accompanying program
We will prepare an accompanying program to match the location, time, clientele and standards of your firm. We can create a whole scenario of events, aids for moderators, and arrange the artists. Special supporting programs (for family members too).
Please see the Artists & Projects section for information on performers and programs. This menu is regularly updated. In addition to our standard offerings, MMA-Prague can on request arrange mediate other artists and ensembles.