Buffet or table service?

Put a personal stamp on your party or event
We will help you prepare a successful scenario for the entire event and provide full catering services on a turnkey basis. Just tell us your idea and we'll take care of implementation. If you have your own contractor who can cope with only certain elements of your event, contact us to handle the rest.
Standard offer: Buffet
A gala affair similar to a reception. Meals and refreshments are offered just as at a reception but with a smaller and simpler range of dishes and drinks. Buffets and receptions are the most popular kind of social event where cooked meals are served. The main advantage of a buffet is that this kind of gathering makes it easy to establish new business and friendly contacts because it gives plenty of space and freedom of movement.
Kinds of buffet/reception
Big bash– for larger events
Small buffet / banquet – buffet meal designed as a complement to another kind of program.
Consider also:
Garden party
a popular way to celebrate in the open air. Choose from banquet, barbecue, or some other variation. Tell us your idea and we will make it happen.
Served gala dinner
when you need more glamour, choose a gala sit-down meal for ceremonial or official occasions.
We can provide:
- Seating arrangements to your requirements
- Professional service at an appropriate level
- Menu consultation
- Graphic design and printing of program, menu, etc.
A summer favorite, perfect for social events, birthdays, weddings and various meetings. From sausages to steaks and grilled vegetable, we’ll do it all.
Birthday parties
Treat yourself to a birthday party that will linger in the memory.
Wedding banquet
This very important event and needs to be properly prepared. Enjoy your special day and leave all preparations and the wedding banquet for us.
- Complete wedding menu
- evening reception buffet
- music
- entertainment
Prices and calculations are available on your request.