Artists in this Queue

Michal Filek Rhythm´N´Jazz

In the session of this nice music project are playing the prague spesialist of music era jazz, swing and oldies.The original instruments of production are often fully audible. The repertoire is also some more modern songs and concert numbers. An extra member of the file is occassionaly a special guest, mostly some of the best Czech jazz singers.The members are, or in the past were well-known musicians file similar styles (Melody Makers, Swings, RK band, Metropolitan Jazz Band, ..) . . . Good mood and relax . . .

Marc Perrenoud - piano (CH)

Winner of the Patino grand in 2007 together with the International City of Art, Paris. In 2008 recorded his first trio album “Logo” by the German jazz label “Neuklang”.  Member of the famous band “Piano Seven.” He won several contests such as the «Montreux jazz Chrysler Award» in 2003, the Friedlwald grant, Zurich, in 2005 as well as the award for best soloist at the International Bern Festival in 2006 (trio), patiño 2007.

Sandro Schneebeli Quartet „Scala Nobile“ (CH)

Since many years, the Quartet «Scala Nobile» with Sandro Schneebeli is a great success. The two CD’s «Uomo Bianco» (2003) and «Scala Nobile» (2009) have found excellent popularity with both the critics and the public audience. «Scala Nobile» has made the jump to Number 1 in the Topfive-ranking of new releases ( ) even ahead of R. Towner and P. Fresu).

String Time Acousti Band

The group played as a trio from 1998 mostly in Prague, originally inspirited by guitar ragtime music. Members of the Band are colleagues from Prague jazz conservatory. From 1999 they does take concert and studio performances in Czech Republic and Europe. By the now String Time Acousti Band plays its String style as a mix of swing, folk, ethno, jazz and latin music. The band use classics acoustic instruments: Double bass, two acoustic guitars. Sometimes they are performing as a quartet with drums or percussion player.

Jordi Torrens - Spanish phantasy

Jordi Torrens (Barcelona August 2, 1959) has spent many years touring the world as a session player for famous Latin singers. In fact, he could be considered one of the Bolero’s (Latin ballad) special-ist players after having toured / recorded with most of the genre’s seminal gures, a list that includes Moncho, Armando Manzanero, Olga Guillot and Dyango among many others. Just occasionally stealing the spotlight from those stars, his guitar playing has been heard in all main cities of the USA, almost all over South America, Cuba and Europe.

Rey América

Rey América is an instrumental trio, which contains two guitars and one bass guitar. They combine elements of south american ethno music and latinoamerican jazz in their repertoire. Guitars + Bass in brilliant approach that blurring differences between guitar and bass. The players feature changes during performances, with a very interesting artistic impression.

Metropolitan Jazz Band

Metropolitan Jazz Band its one of the most famous band and it gots the longest tradition in Prague. They have also their own jazz club in Jungmannova Street in the center of the city.The band was formed in 1972 and has to this day its original bandleader Mr. Josef Krajník. It has six members who play swinging Dixieland the style of Louis Armstrong.The group plays with singers Jitka Vrbová and Marta Marinová.

Swing Trio Bohemia

The Swing trio is one of the best European trio’s. The group’s experience covers several decades of playing. Therefore their repertoire is very wide; it consists of swing, Latin American, Dixieland, modern jazz, evergreens, 20-th century melodies and other tunes.



The Old River Dixieland

This classical Dixieland quartet plays traditional tunes,like : When the saints, Ice cream, Doctor jazz, Basin Street Blues and many others…...Instruments: trumpet, clarinet, banjo, and double bass.The music in the style of happy Dixie is really close to European people,´cause it combines traditional polka and marching rhythms with american jazz and the concept of entertainment.

Mordy Ferber

Mordy Ferber is an internationally active and sought-after jazz guitarist and composer born in Israel in 1958. Being in demand with many well-known jazz musicians proves his competence and some of those greats include names like Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, Eddie Gomez, Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, Dave Liebman, Miroslav Vitous, Jeff Berlin, Bob Moses, Richie Beirach, Richard Bona, George Garzone, Will Lee, Larry Coryell, Adam Nussbaum and Billy Hart.